BowLingual – the Dog Translator

June 30th, 2006

Wonder what your dog is talking about? Takara, a Japanese company has developed the BowLingual, a Dog Translator for you to understand the barks or your dog. Here’s the instruction on how to use the BowLingual Dog Translator:

BowLingual - the Dog Translator

  • Enter your dog’s information into the BowLingual LCD receiver by selecting the best match to your dog from the pre-programmed list of dog breeds. More than 84 dog breeds are in the database. However, if you have a mixed breed you can still use BowLingual. Just select your dog’s weight range and muzzle shape.
  • Type in your dog’s name and gender.
  • Attach the transmitter to your dog’s collar.
  • When your dog barks, the sound is transmitted to your wireless
    hand-held receiver. BowLingual analyzes the bark and matches the sound against the database.
  • The LCD panel on the receiver displays an icon that matches one of the six canine emotions (sad, happy, frustrated, on guard/territorial and assertive/showing off) along with an appropriate translation phrase, allowing communication between you and your dog like never before.

Please note that the BowLingual Dog Translator is more accurate with adult dog barks to puppy barks.

product page | via OhGizmo!

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