Portable Ghost Detector

May 3rd, 2006

I don’t know if this stuff works or not, but it’s really interesting and cute as well. The Portable Ghost Detector from Japanese company, SolidAlliance in co-operation with Strapnya, will notify you when it detects a ghost around. So, just attach the charm to your cell phone, PDA, laptop or whenever you like and it will light up when a ghost is coming near you. It detects these otherworldly beings by measuring changes in surrounding magnetic waves.

Portable Ghost Detector - BluePortable Ghost Detector - Pink

SolidAlliance Portable Ghost Detector is available in three colors: pink, blue and black and priced at 2079 Yen or about $18.00. Seems like it’s only available in Japan market.

Also check out the bigger ghost detector from SolidAlliance: the Ghost Radar.

product page | via OhGizmo!

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