Wordlock – Combination Lock Using Letters

July 19th, 2005

wordlockWordlock – combination lock that uses letters instead of numbers from Staples. It is easy to use and easy to remembers. With 5 rings and just 10 letters per ring, it provides over 1,000 four-or five-letter words- anything from ALIEN and CHILL to SALSA and SARAH or up to 100,000 possible combinations. Price: $5.98.

Wordlock, invented by amateur inventor Todd Basche, was the winner of 2004 Staples Invention Quest, an event held by Staples to award the most unique product that simplify our workdays.

How to reset Staples Wordlock
Unlock to open. Once open the ring at the base can be unscrewed (it’s a quarter turn and then pull it), you can take the wheel of the letter and change any word you want. Full instructions here – http://wordlock.com/_pdf/Wordlock-Padlock-Instructions.pdf

Comments (2)


  1. Larry Lee says:

    If we have had to tell someone the word combo AND now would like to reset the comination to a different “word”…IS THIS POSSIBLE?
    THks Larry

  2. lina says:

    Yes, Larry. I read from the Staples website that you can reset the combination at any time. Check out the website for more information. They have instructions on how to use the Wordlock in pdf format.